Enabling Wi-Fi connectivity on your Test Agents

Netrounds Test Agents do not have native support for Wi-Fi/WLAN testing and monitoring. Therefore, Netrounds supports this by means of a third-party USB Wi-Fi bridge from Vonets (VAP11N model). It is easy to use and install, and from Netrounds' perspective it is just a regular Ethernet interface, where the Vonet WLAN bridge manages the wireless connection to your Wi-Fi network.

To get started testing and monitoring the quality of wireless networks using a Netrounds Test Agent, follow the description below to install the Vonets VAP11N.

Step 1: Configuring the Wi-Fi bridge from a PC or MAC

First you need to configure the Vonet Wi-Fi bridge by connecting to the wireless network you want to test. Do as follows:

  • Connect the Wi-Fi bridge to your PC or MAC (both the USB connector and the RJ45 LAN connector). Do not connect an additional external power source; the bridge will be powered through the USB port.

Note: The photo only shows the connection to the USB port. As noted above, the LAN connector also needs to be plugged into the computer.

  • Open a web browser and enter http://vonets.cfg to connect to the administration portal of the Wi-Fi adapter. Enter "admin" for both user and password.
  • In the admin portal of the Vonet adapter you will see a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Select the network you want the Wi-Fi bridge to connect to, and enter a security phrase if the network requires it. The current Vonet bridge does not support IEEE 802.1X, so if your network authenticates via 802.1X, consider using the MAC Authentication Bypass option described below.

Step 2: Connecting to the Netrounds Test Agent

  • Remove the Vonet adapter from your PC or MAC, and connect to the Netrounds Test Agent that you want to use. The Wi-Fi adapter interface is connected to a USB port on the Test Agent for power, and the Ethernet port is connected to one of the Ethernet ports of the Test Agent, i.e. "eth1" or "eth2". "eth0" is used for Netrounds management.

Done! When setting up tests or monitorings, you can now select the Netrounds Test Agent and Ethernet port you just connected to the Wi-Fi bridge. You will find the Test Agent under Test Agents in the main menu in case you need to configure it further.

Vonets VAP11N specification

Below are the hardware specifications for the Vonets VAP11N Wi-Fi bridge.

MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB)

The Vonets Wi-Fi bridge does not support IEEE 802.1X authentication and cannot be directly used in such a network environment. Disabling 802.1X on the relevant port must be avoided since that would leave the port unprotected and open to abuse. Rather, some alternative mechanism must be used; we suggest MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB) as a workaround, which is at least somewhat safer.

The network administrator must then make provisions on the AAA server (i.e. RADIUS) to authenticate the MAC addresses of the wireless Vonet bridges that are to be used, either by adding them as regular users or by implementing additional logic to resolve them in a network inventory database.

When MAB is configured on a port, that port will first try to check if the connected device is 802.1X compliant. If no response is received from the connected device, the port will try to authenticate towards the AAA server using the connected device's MAC address as username and password.

Many managed Ethernet switches offer options for this.

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