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Low - Demands, Service and Change requests, CSRs. Will be prioritized for future normal fixes and upgrades amongst other Issues. Medium - Failure scenario: General consultation and minor problems that have a minor effect on the functionality of the solution. A number of probes/features are affected from a functionality point of view. High - Failure scenario: Problems or disturbances affecting a specific area of functionality and/or an area of probes, but not the whole system. Few areas, probes are affected from a functional or communication point of view. Critical - Failure scenario: The total system is down and inoperable or System is severely limited or degraded. All/many customers/employees are affected. All work has stopped and the situation is causing a critical impact to customer/employees processes and productivity. Management servers, clients and probes are not accessible. The situation is causing a significant impact to certain portions of Netrounds. The system is interrupted and recovered but has a high risk of reoccurrence. Management servers, clients and probes are affected both from functionality and communication point of view.

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