Getting started with remote packet capture and traffic analysis

To get started using Netrounds for traffic analysis (RPCAP), please follow these simple steps.

1. Sign up for Netrounds

Sign up for a trial account at completely free of charge. The trial account gives you access to five software Test Agents (with Medium license), which among other things can be activated as remote traffic capture devices. 

2. Download a Netrounds Test Agent 

The next step is to download, install, and configure a Netrounds Test Agent.

By default, once connected and powered up, all Test Agents will communicate directly with the cloud server through an encrypted connection (to using TCP port 443).

3. Perform your first remote packet capture

Once the Test Agent has connected to your cloud account, it will show up in the Test Agents view. Read more here on how to perform your first remote packet capture.

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