Release notes, September 26, 2014

New features

Live remote packet capture is finally re-introduced

The possibility to capture traffic remotely from a Probe live is re-introduced. The feature has been missed tremendously by our most active network professionals during the months it has been away.

Improved VoIP/SIP 

Previously the SIP account used was tied to a particular Probe. Now more flexibility has been introduced. The SIP account to use for a particular Probe is selected once the test or monitoring is started, so each SIP account can be used for any Probe.

Improved IPv6 support

The IPv6 support is extended to the HTTP and DNS tools. This makes it possible to also test and monitor the response times of web applications/web sites and DNS servers that support IPv6. Since Netrounds supports both IPv4 and IPv6, it is possible to measure and compare IPv4 and IPv6.

Public Internet placed Probes to the benefit of everyone

Two public Probes located in datacenters in the UK in Europe, and on the west coast in the US, are available for monitoring of DNS, Web, and ICMP Ping hosts the Internet to your environment. You have the possibility to monitor two hosts/sites/DNS servers per location completely without charges (note: this only applies to new customers, if you are an existing customer that finds this interesting, please contact us).

Credit card payments

New customers will be able to purchase Netrounds directly through our app. The subscription page, billing information, purchase history, and shipping address, are all found under the "Account" menu.

New Wizard

At the Dashboard you can now find shortcuts to some simple and common tasks; A new wizard where you can easily start a new HTTP, DNS or Ping monitoring, a shortcut to invite other colleagues to discover Netrounds, and a link to our support.  

Modification of terminology

The term BBQ which stands for "Browser-Based Quicktest" is replaced by the term Speedtest, which is more known for this type of feature. We also remove the term Genalyzers, our common term for Probes and Agents, and simply call it Probes and Agents or Probes/Agents. Again, the reason is to simplify for new users that are not familiar with our specific brands.

New Terms of Service

Bug fixes:

DHCPv6 client does not configure a default route - this has been fixed. In other words, Netrounds now fully supports DHCP for IPv6 (and not only SLAAC as means to acquire an IP address).


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