Getting started with IPTV measurements

To get started with IPTV measurements, please follow these simple steps.

1. Sign up for Netrounds

Sign up for a trial account at completely free of charge. The trial account gives you access to five software Test Agents (with Medium license), which among other things are capable of IPTV MPEG measurements.

As an alternative to downloading and installing your own Test Agents, you can have pre-installed, plug-and-play Test Agents shipped from Netrounds. If this sounds interesting, please contact Netrounds sales.

2. Download a Netrounds Test Agent 

The next step is to download, install, and configure a Netrounds Test Agent.

  • In the Test Agents view in the Netrounds user interface, click the Download button.
  • Download the desired type of Test Agent. Follow the on-screen links for installation instructions, or refer to the links below.

By default, once connected and powered up, all Test Agents will communicate directly with the cloud server through an encrypted connection (to using TCP port 443).

However, as an alternative setup, one Netrounds Test Agent may act as proxy for all other Test Agents inside your network. This is useful in situations where the other Test Agents cannot easily obtain an Internet connection, for example if the IPTV network is isolated and cannot reach the Internet-based Netrounds cloud servers.

Please read here for more information about setting up Netrounds using a proxy.

3. Add IPTV channels

Add some channels to your channel list. Read more on the page Adding and configuring IPTV channels.

4. Connect to your network and start your first test

Follow the instructions below to start a simple IPTV test.

  1. Log in to your Netrounds account at
  2. Click New.
  3. Select Test Sequence.
  4. Select the IPTV/MPEG test feature.
  5. Select the IPTV MPEG test.
  6. Under Clients, select one of the Test Agents you have installed.
  7. Under Channels, select channels from the ones you added to the IPTV channel list.
  8. Give the test a name, and click Start.

You should now start getting IPTV MPEG measurement results, and it should only take a few seconds until you can judge the quality of your IPTV stream at the point in your network where you have connected the Test Agent.

To learn more, read the page Getting started building your own tests and monitorings, or just continue experimenting on your own – it is really easy!

The links that follow take you to topics that go deeper into various categories of Netrounds tests and measurements:

Additional information: Typical setup

For IPTV measurements, the most common setup is to connect the Test Agent to a network port, as if it were a set-top box. Typically one is connected where the IPTV signal enters the network, and another somewhere else in the network where customers are having problems.

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