Getting started with network performance measurements

To get started with network performance measurements, please follow these simple steps.

1. Sign up for Netrounds

Sign up for a trial account at completely free of charge. The trial account gives you access to five software Test Agents (with Medium license), which among other things are capable of TCP and UDP network performance measurements. 

2. Download Netrounds Test Agents 

The next step is to download, install, and configure Netrounds Test Agents. Since network performance measurements are made between Test Agents, you need to download and install two of them. Test Agents include active traffic generators for generating traffic within your network.

By default, once connected and powered up, all Test Agents will communicate directly with the cloud server through an encrypted connection (to using TCP port 443).

3. Connect the Test Agents to your network and start your first test

Once you have downloaded and installed two Test Agents and registered them to your Netrounds account, you are ready to start testing. The Test Agents should appear in the Test Agents view.

Follow the instructions below to start a simple TCP throughput test.

  1. Log in to your Netrounds account at
  2. Click New.
  3. Select Test Sequence.
  4. Select the TCP/UDP performance test feature.
  5. Select the TCP test.
  6. Under Server, select one of the Test Agents you have installed.
  7. Under Clients, select the other Test Agent.
  8. Give the test a name, and click Start.

You should see measurement results within just a few seconds. 

Note: The connection will be initiated from the Test Agent you selected as client to the Test Agent selected as server. Therefore, if one agent is placed behind a NAT router, make sure you select that one as client.

To learn more, read the page Getting started building your own tests and monitorings, or just continue experimenting on your own – it is really easy!

The links that follow take you to topics that go deeper into various categories of Netrounds tests and measurements:

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