Setting up SIP accounts

Configuration of SIP accounts is done under Account > SIP accounts.

SIP testing is performed by the user-agent on a Test Agent placing SIP calls to other Test Agents and measuring call setup time (among other parameters). When the call is terminated, the call hangup time is measured.

To run these tests, you need to have at least two SIP accounts registered. The SIP account used for a particular Test Agent is selected when the test or monitoring is started, so each SIP account can be used for any Test Agent.

Netrounds' SIP tool supports overwritten URIs. This means that the tool handles the situation when a SIP proxy server changes the original SIP URI during a call.

To set up a new SIP account manually, click the Add account button:

  • Fill in the account credentials:

  • Domain: The name of the SIP domain.
  • Registrar: (Optional) The domain name or IP address of the SIP registrar. If empty, the domain name will be used.
  • Username: The user name needed for registration.
  • Password: The password needed for registration.
  • Proxy: (Optional) The proxy server to use.
  • User auth: (Optional) The user ID needed for authentication.
  • URI rewrite: (Optional) The rewritten user ID.
  • Test account: Here you can test the SIP account. Select a Test Agent interface in the drop-down box, then click the Test button.

After testing the SIP account, click the Save button to save the configuration.

Uploading SIP accounts as a CSV file

Alternatively, instead of entering SIP accounts manually in the user interface, you can upload a list of SIP accounts as a comma-separated file (*.csv).

This file must have one SIP account per line, defined according to the following syntax:

domain, registrar, user_name, password, proxy, user_auth, uri_rewrite

Please make sure that the file is encoded in UTF-8 format if it contains international characters. The encoding can be specified in the text editor settings.

Note: Uploading a new SIP account list will overwrite all existing SIP accounts.

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