Easy steps for sign-up to Netrounds

To create a Netrounds free trial account (valid for 30 days), go to https://app.netrounds.com/system/signup/ and fill in the required information.

On completing the sign-up, you should see the Netrounds Dashboard:

From here you can go right ahead and explore the measurement toolbox of Netrounds.

The top section of the Dashboard has the following quick-link buttons: 

The Dashboard is also where your latest tests and monitorings will be displayed.

To start monitoring and troubleshooting with all the available features in Netrounds, using your own Netrounds active traffic generating Test Agents, you can download Test Agent software and install them on your own x86-based hardware. Read more here: Quick start guide for software Test Agents.

For further guidance on preparations for various types of measurement supported by Netrounds, see Getting started with Netrounds.

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