Adding and configuring IPTV channels

Configuration of IPTV channels is done under Account > IPTV channels. Here you define the IPTV channels available in your network and their corresponding multicast addresses.

All channels in the resulting channel plan can then be selected in the user interface when you set up an IPTV test or monitoring.

To add an IPTV channel manually, click the Add channel button.

The following parameters are mandatory:

  • Name: IPTV channel name. Shown in Netrounds when starting IPTV measurements.
  • IP: The IPv4 multicast address of the IPTV channel.
  • Port: The UDP destination port used in the IPTV multicast stream. Netrounds will filter on this port when measuring.

The remaining parameters are optional:

  • Source IP: If a multicast source address is specified, IGMPv3 will be used for joining the channels.
  • Pnum: This field is used when a transport stream contains more than one TV channel (program). A transport stream with more than one program is referred to as an MPTS (Multi Program Transport Stream). Pnum specifies the program number that points to one of the channels in the MPTS stream. So if you need to monitor several channels in the MPTS, you will typically add several channels with the same multicast address, but with different Pnums.

Uploading your channel plan as a CSV file

Alternatively, instead of entering channels manually in the user interface, you can upload a channel plan as a comma-separated file (*.csv).

This file must have one channel per line, defined according to the following syntax:


Channel names cannot contain commas (,).

Please make sure that the file is encoded in UTF-8 format if it contains international characters. The encoding can be specified in the text editor settings.

Note: Uploading a new channel plan will overwrite all existing channels.

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