Release notes, April 4, 2014

New features:

Periodic tests 

Now it is possible to schedule periodic tests that runs for example every hour or every day. Not only single tests, but also a sequence of tests can be periodically carried out, which makes the feature extremely powerful. The periodic tests can run endlessly (like a monitoring), storing pass/fail results for the tests up to one year. For the 100 latest tests, all the details of each test will be stored and accessible. Click the arrow to the right of "Start" when you are starting i test, to create a periodic test.

ICMP hop-by-hop analysis

This new cool feature will help you delimit quality issues in a routed network - "who owns the problem?". First the router hops along the path will be detected by doing a traceroute, and then one or several Netrounds probe(s) will ping each of the router hops, and visualize the quality for each of them. Select the ICMP test, click Advance, and select "Path trace" to enable hop-by-hop analysis.

Adding delays within a test

This is a requested feature for better QoS testing. For example, first some best effort TCP traffic is started, and after 30 seconds delay (new) some high priority video conference is started, and the test verifies that the best effort backs off and that the quality of the video conference stream is good. For whatever test you select, you can find " Delayed start (seconds)" under the Advanced tab. 

Get daily reports

You can now also configure daily reports from your monitorings, in addition to weekly and monthly reports.

Bug fixes:

The Access Security test "IP spoofing" had a bug, that was fixed during this upgrade.

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