Administering users and permissions

Under AccountPermissions you manage users associated with a Netrounds account, and their privileges. You can invite new users, remove users, and change permissions for each user individually.

Note: To change permissions for a user, you first delete the user, then add the user again with the new set of permissions.

To invite a new user, enter the user's email address and the permissions the user should have, then click the Invite button. Netrounds will now send a welcome email to the address given.

The permission levels are Admin, Write, and Read. Over and above this, there is a Register only role which permits registration of Test Agents and nothing else.

The permission hierarchy is Admin > Write > Read. Anything granted at one permission level is also granted at higher permission levels.

User permissions required for Netrounds operations

All viewing of elements in the GUI can be done with Read permissions.

Read permissions are also sufficient for a few other operations, as detailed below.

For other operations that affect the state of Netrounds (edit, start/stop, delete, etc. in various contexts), Write permissions are required for the most part. However, some operations require Admin permissions. The following applies:

  • Users
    • Edit profile, change password for user currently logged in: Read
    • Invite new users and set their permissions: Admin
  • Account setup
    • SIP channels, Y.1731 MEPs, IPTV channels, TWAMP reflectors: Write
    • DVB-C channels: Write for everything except DVB-C channel discovery, which requires Admin
  • Test Agents
    • Register Test Agent: Admin or Register only
    • Assign license to Test Agent: Read
    • Release license from Test Agent: Admin
    • Edit Test Agent properties: Write
    • Share Test Agents: Admin
    • Update Test Agent software: Admin
  • Tests
    • Create, start, stop, rerun, delete tests: Write
    • Work with templates: Write
    • Share tests: Admin
  • Monitorings
    • Create, edit, start, stop, delete monitorings: Write
    • Work with templates: Write
    • Share monitorings: Admin
  • Applications
    • Packet capture: Write
    • Speedtest: Write
  • Favorites (add, remove): Write
  • Share measurement results: Admin
  • Reports (create, edit, delete): Write
  • Tags (add to item, remove from item, delete): Write
  • Alarms (all operations): Write
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