About Netrounds

Netrounds is a complete, cost-effective, and convenient solution for network performance tests, monitoring, and troubleshooting. The intuitive cloud-delivered application allows the user to quickly take advantage of a wide range of powerful features from any web browser.

Netrounds automates manual tasks and saves time by making it possible to remotely monitor and test networks in order to solve problems before end-users are affected. This eliminates time-consuming truck rolls and enables quicker problem resolution to minimize end-user disturbance.

Netrounds includes intelligent measurement devices which are deployed in the network to be monitored and tested. These devices are either provided as pre-installed appliances with plug-and-play configuration, or they are downloaded for simple installation on your own PC hardware. Once the devices are connected, they are controlled through a secure connection to the Netrounds cloud servers.

For network operators

  • With Netrounds, network operators and service providers gain competitive advantages by minimizing efforts required for pre-deployment tests and in-production troubleshooting.

For enterprise IT

  • Netrounds helps IT departments to focus on their most crucial task: to safeguard good functioning of your IT environment.

For network consultants

  • By using Netrounds, consultants can take on new assignments to help your clients find and fix problems in their IT infrastructure more effectively.
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