Quick start guide for preinstalled Test Agents

Your delivery will contain the ordered combination of Netrounds HW Small, HW Medium, HW Medium Plus, and HW Large devices, each with Test Agent software installed.

  1. Unpack the Test Agents. Note that each Test Agent has multiple network interfaces, making it possible to use dedicated ports for management, testing and monitoring.
  2. Each Test Agent must establish a secure connection to the Netrounds cloud servers before you can use it. All remote access and administration of your Test Agents are done through the cloud servers once the Test Agents are online.
  3. Connect the Test Agents "eth0" interface to an Ethernet access port on your network. Make sure there is Internet connectivity on this port.
  4. Once the Test Agent is powered on, it will request a DHCP address on "eth0". If your network does not offer DHCP addresses, you need to specify a static IP address on the Test Agent. For instructions on how to access the local administration console to change from DHCP to static address configuration, please refer to the pages Accessing the local console of a Test Agent and Configuring a Test Agent from the local console.
  5. Once an IP address has been assigned, the Test Agent will connect to your specific Netrounds account using the encryption keys that were preloaded into the Test Agent before delivery. If you have a firewall in place, please make sure that the Test Agent is allowed to establish an outgoing session towards login.netrounds.com using TCP port 443. You do not need to allow any incoming connections, since the cloud servers will communicate with the Test Agent using the reverse direction on the same TCP session.
  6. The Test Agent should now automatically appear in your Netrounds account. Log in to your Netrounds account at app.netrounds.com, using your email address and password.
  7. Once you have logged in to your Netrounds account, check that the Test Agent is online by accessing the Test Agents view from the main menu. Here, an inventory of all your Test Agents is shown. Your Test Agent should have a green indicator next to it, signifying that it is online.
  8. A valid license is assigned to the preinstalled Test Agent by Netrounds prior to delivery. To inspect it, click the Test Agent and go to the License tab. Should no valid license exist after all, you need to assign one.
  9. The preinstalled Test Agent is now ready to use.
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