Release notes, February 17, 2014

New features:

IPv6 Support

This upgrade will add support for IPv6 within the test feature "TCP/UDP traffic generation". This means that you are now able to use Netrounds to measure network performance end-to-end for either IPv4 or IPv6, or for both at the same time using a so called dual stack.

From now on, Netrounds will be your best friend in pre-assessing your networks' capability to support IPv6 prior to launch. You can also use this new feature for benchmarking IPv4 vs. IPv6 in terms of stability and quality, as well as for remote and efficient troubleshooting. Each IPv6 interface can be configured via either static configuration, DHCP or Stateless Address Auto Configuration (SLAAC).

Improved remote packet capturing

The remote packet capturing feature in this upgrade has been improved so that you can now capture data and traffic even if your probes are located behind NAT/Firewalls.

The remote packet capture feature can be found under “Apps” in the top menu. Instead of having a direct real-time pipe between the probe and your Wireshark application, the probe will instead first capture and store the packets locally, that can then be downloaded to your computer. We have introduced some pre-defined capture filters that are useful, and will work to introduce even more in the future - stay tuned.

Bug fixes:

Security tests 

We have corrected some minor bugs in the security test package.


CSV file export - there was a bug that prevented to export a CSV file with results from the speed tests, that is now fixed.

Support text

Some minor improvements to the support text chapters.



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