Test Agent application configuration

On the Applications tab of the Test Agent configuration dialog, you can enable and disable the following Netrounds applications: Proxy, Speedtest, Darkstat, and Live remote packet capture.

Speedtest: Browser-based speed and throughput testing of end-user connections. The Speedtest result page is found under Apps in the main menu.

Proxy: Proxy functionality for Netrounds management, used when some of your Test Agents do not have direct Internet access.

Darkstat: Collection of network statistics on the "eth1" interface and reporting of these statistics over HTTP. To access the network statistics, connect to Darkstat by navigating to http://[TA_ip]:667 in your Internet browser, where [TA_ip] is the IP address of the Test Agent on "eth0".

Live remote packet capture: Real-time remote packet capture on the Test Agent. Once collected, this data can be accessed using Wireshark.

Note: The remote live capture process is stopped automatically after 24 hours, if not manually stopped until then.

In Wireshark, when you add the remote interfaces, use the IP address of the selected connect interface as host and 2002 as port. The default connect interface is the management interface.

You can only select one remote interface at a time for capturing in Wireshark.

Netrounds also has another packet capture function, Remote Packet Capture found under Apps in the main menu. When using this function, the Test Agent stores the captured data locally, which you can later download from the Netrounds web interface without the aid of Wireshark.

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