Quick start guide for software Test Agents

For full installation instructions, please refer to the installation guides:

Here, a quick step-by-step instruction is given.

  1. Navigate to your Netrounds account at app.netrounds.com. Fill in your email address and password to log in.
  2. Once logged in, close any pop-up information window that might show up. Navigate to Test Agents in the main menu.
  3. Click Download, and select the desired type of software Test Agent (hard disk or USB installation).
  4. Install as many Test Agents as you plan to use. After successful installation, boot each Test Agent and wait for the login prompt to appear.
  5. Ensure that the booted Test Agent has internet connectivity.
  6. If you have a firewall in place, please make sure that the Test Agent is allowed to establish an outgoing session towards login.netrounds.com using TCP port 443. You do not need to open any incoming connections, since the cloud servers will communicate in the reverse direction on the same TCP session that the Test Agent initiated.
  7. Once the Test Agent is powered on, it will request a DHCP address on its first detected wired Ethernet port. If your network does not offer DHCP addresses, you need to specify a static IP address on the Test Agent using the text-based menu on the Test Agent console. Please refer to the pages Accessing the local console of a Test Agent and Configuring a Test Agent from the local console for more information.
  8. Enter "admin" as user and "admin" as password to launch a text-based menu.
  9. Each of your installed Test Agents must be registered to the Netrounds cloud servers before you can use it. All remote access and administration of a Test Agent is done through the cloud servers once it is registered and online.
  10. Select the Register menu option, and follow the instructions. During registration, you will need to provide your Netrounds user information, that is, your email address and the same password used to log in to your Netrounds account.
  11. After successful installation, the Test Agent will check for new software packages to ensure that it is up to date. This process might take several minutes to finish. After completing the update check, the Test Agent should automatically appear in your Netrounds account. Log in to your Netrounds account at app.netrounds.com, using your email address and password.
  12. Once logged in to your Netrounds account, check that the Test Agent is online by clicking Test Agents in the main menu. Here, an inventory of all your Test Agents is shown. Your Test Agent should have a green indicator next to it, signifying that it is online.
  13. The last thing to do is to ensure that a license is assigned to the Test Agent. Click the Test Agent, then click the License tab, which deals with license management. Assign an appropriate license to the Test Agent if this has not been done already. Read more about Test Agent licenses here.
  14. The Test Agent is now ready to use.

Note: Software Test Agents only support wired interfaces. This means that laptops equipped only with Wi-Fi interfaces must be extended with at least one wired interface, for instance using a PC card.

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