Quick start guide for Test Agent Lite software

Here is quick step-by-step instruction:

  1. Navigate to your Netrounds account at app.netrounds.com. Fill in your email address and password to log in.
  2. Once logged in, close any pop-up information window that might show up. Navigate to Test Agents in the main menu. Click Download, and select the appropriate type of Test Agent Lite (for the OS of the computer where you are going to install the Test Agent). Under More download options you will find downloadable Netrounds Test Agents Lite for Windows and Linux.
  3. Run the downloaded file. Doing so launches the Agent GUI that will guide you in registering the Test Agent to your Netrounds account. For Linux, install the downloaded Test Agent Lite package file (for example with the command "sudo dpkg -i DEB_PACKAGE").
  4. Ensure that the started Test Agent Lite has internet connectivity.
  5. If you have a firewall in place, make sure that the Test Agent Lite is allowed to establish an outgoing session towards the Netrounds server agent.netrounds.com using TCP port 443. You do not need to open any incoming connections, since the cloud servers will communicate in the reverse direction on the same TCP session that the Test Agent initiated.
  6. During the Agent GUI registration procedure, fill in your Netrounds login credentials: that is, your email address and the same password used to log in to your Netrounds account. In Linux, type "netrounds-agent --help" for a list of available commands.
  7. Each of your installed Test Agents Lite must be registered to the Netrounds cloud servers before you can use it. All remote access and administration of a Test Agent is done through the cloud servers once it is registered and online.
  8. Select which account you wish to register this new Test Agent to.
  9. After successful registration, launch the Test Agent application.
  10. Log in to your Netrounds account and check that the Test Agents are online by clicking Test Agents in the main menu. Here, an inventory of all your Test Agents is shown. Your Test Agent Lite should have a green indicator next to it, signifying that it is online.
  11. The last thing to do is to ensure that a license is assigned to the Test Agent Lite. Click the Test Agent and go to the License tab, which deals with license management. Then assign an appropriate license to your Test Agent if this has not been done already. Read more about Test Agent Lite management here.
  12. Your Test Agent Lite is now ready to use.
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