Getting started building your own tests and monitorings

The simplest way to set up a new test or monitoring is to click the relevant plus-sign button in the left-hand pane holding the main menu:

You are taken to the setup screen for tests or monitorings. For further guidance, consult one of these topics:

The above topics use UDP as an example. Other tests and monitorings are set up similarly. For advice on parameter settings in individual test types, see the topics dealing with each test type.

A test can consist of several steps, which are executed sequentially. Each step has a specified, finite duration, and may entail running multiple actions concurrently. Both of these properties are illustrated in the example below.

A monitoring is built up in the same way as one step in a test: different types of traffic can be run in parallel. See the picture below for an example. A monitoring cannot be made up of multiple steps, since it has indefinite duration.


The prerequisites for both tests and monitorings are an active Netrounds account and a number of registered Netrounds Test Agents (the precise number depends on the tasks to be performed: see this page for details). In some cases Test Agents Lite can be used; their functionality is however limited.

If you haven't yet installed your own Netrounds Test Agents, please consult the Getting Started Guide.

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