Multicast group limit

This test checks that a customer can only join a specified maximum number of multicast channels. If the customer attempts to join one more channel, then either the join should be ignored, or some channel previously joined should be disabled.

The test also checks that within the above limitation, the customer can receive the desired multicast channels without problems.

This test needs an external multicast source.

Impact: DoS

Test process

  • Step 1: Customer joins the allowed number of multicast channels.
  • Step 2: Customer tries to join one additional channel.

Fail criteria

  • In step 1, some channel is not received.
  • In step 2, the total number of channels received exceeds the maximum number.


This test conforms to SEC Access Certification ID "SEC-V4-MCAST-1".



  • Customer: One or several Customers.
  • Available groups: Multicast channels to be joined during the test. Default:,,,
  • Maximum groups: The maximum number of multicast channels that a customer is allowed to receive concurrently. Default: 3.
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