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The Dashboard gives an overview of Netrounds and is a starting point for setting up new tests and monitorings. The buttons in the top section of the Dashboard link to the Quick start wizards, to the Explore pages with product documentation, and to the Collaborate pages.

Under the headings Monitoring and Tests, the most recent Netrounds sessions are displayed. For monitorings, an Errored Second (ES) bar and an SLA indicator give direct visual feedback on measured quality. For tests, a pass/fail indicator is displayed.

The remaining links in the left-hand pane take you to further screens, as detailed below.


This screen displays alarms defined in Netrounds.

How to set up alarms is explained on this page.


This screen shows all your tests. A filter is provided for finding a specific test. Click the Create new button, or the plus sign next to Tests in the left-hand pane, to set up a new test. Read more here about how to do this.


This screen displays all your monitorings. Here, too, a filter is provided for locating a specific monitoring. Click the Create new button, or the plus sign next to Monitoring in the left-hand pane, to create a new monitoring. Go to this page for full instructions on how to build monitorings.


From here you access the Speedtest and Remote packet capture features.

Test Agents

Interface info tab:

Under Test Agents, you will find all your registered Test Agents. 

Under Shared with me, any shared Test Agents will show up.

License info tab:

Here the license and stream information for your Test Agents is displayed:

  • License type
  • Number of available and used streams.

At the bottom, under the heading Licenses, are displayed the types of license connected to your account. Please refer to the licensing section of the FAQ for more detailed information.


Read more here about the various items under Account & Settings.

Top bar: "Bell" button

This button will light up if an alarm notification is triggered.

Top bar: "Magic wand" button

The "magic wand" button on the top bar links to the Quick start wizards.

Top bar: "User" button

Click your Netrounds user name on the top bar in order to: 

  • edit your Netrounds user profile
  • switch to a different Netrounds account (if you have access to several accounts)
  • log out from Netrounds.
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