Alarm dashboard

The Alarm dashboard is reached via Alarms on the main menu. All alarms are collected here: active alarms, manually suppressed active alarms, and automatically cleared alarms. The length of the history displayed can be changed in the Summary period drop-down box.

Active alarms 

This section shows all active alarms from all active monitorings which have an alarm configured. An active alarm occurs when the ES thresholds for the severity level of the alarm are exceeded in the monitored network.

Manually suppressed active alarms

This section shows all manually suppressed alarms. The suppressions are defined as described on the page Setting up alarms.

Automatically cleared alarms

In this section all cleared alarms are collected. A cleared alarm means that the condition on the measured connection has reverted to normal.


This section gives a summary of all alarms by severity during any of a number of predefined time periods (see screenshot below).


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