Layer 4 destination port DSCP remapping

This test verifies the expected DSCP remapping between two points in your network, with specific UDP or TCP destination ports indicated.

Test procedure

UDP or TCP packets are sent from the sender Test Agent to the receiver Test Agent with a specified destination port number, and it is checked how the DSCP is mapped by the network.

The test fails for a port range if the DSCP mapping for any port in that range differs from what is expected.



  • Sender: The sender interface.
  • Receiver: The receiver interface.
  • Protocol: UDP or TCP. The default is UDP.
  • Port ranges: Port ranges, separated by commas (,). Default: 80-90.
  • Sent DSCP: Sent DSCP value. Min: 0. Max: 63. Default: 0.
  • Expected DSCP: Expected received DSCP value. Min: 0. Max: 63. Default: 0.
  • Wait for ready: Time to wait before starting the test. The purpose of inserting a wait is to allow all Test Agents time to come online and acquire good time sync. Min: 1 min. Max: 24 hours. Default: "Don't wait", i.e. zero wait time.

Result metrics

  • Pass/fail for each tested port range


This test can alternatively be used simply to find out which ports are open between the two points in the network (by testing the full range of existing port numbers).

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