DSCP remapping

This test verifies the expected remapping of DSCP values between two points in your network.

Test procedure

UDP packets are sent from the sender Test Agent to the receiver Test Agent with different DSCP values, and Netrounds checks if they are mapped correctly by the network.

The test fails if any received DSCP differs from the expected DSCP value.



  • Sender: The sender interface.
  • Receiver: The receiver interface.
  • Wait for ready: Time to wait before starting the test. The purpose of inserting a wait is to allow all Test Agents time to come online and acquire good time sync. Min: 1 min. Max: 24 hours. Default: "Don't wait", i.e. zero wait time.


  • Expected result for DSCP <...>: For each DSCP, state the expected result of the DSCP remapping. The default for all DSCP values is no change.

Result metrics

  • Pass/fail for each tested DSCP
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