L2 transparency – Custom Ethertype

This test verifies Layer 2 transparency for a custom Ethertype, i.e. checks that the specified Ethertype passes through the network.

Subtypes of Ethertypes are supported. This is relevant for Metro Ethernet Forum Layer 2 Control Protocol tests, where (for example) Ethertype 0×8809 defines different protocols depending on subtype.

Test procedure

Five Ethernet frames are sent with the specified MAC addresses and Ethertype, and with dummy payload.

An expected outcome (frames passed or dropped) is specified for the test as a whole. By default the expected outcome is that the frames should pass the network. The test fails if some frame is treated differently from the expected outcome.


This test can only run on physical or VLAN interfaces (not bridges).



  • Sender: The sender interface.
  • Receiver: The receiver interface.
  • Source MAC (optional): Source MAC address in the format "11:22:33:aa:bb:cc". If you leave this empty, the MAC address of the interface will be used.
  • Destination MAC ranges: Comma-separated list of MAC address ranges, where each range has the format "11:22:33:aa:bb:cc[-11:22:33:aa:bb:ff]".
  • Ethertype: Ethertype in decimal format (e.g. 65534) or in hexadecimal format (e.g. 0×1122). Ethertype 0×8100 is not supported, nor are Ethertypes below 0×0600.
  • Subtype: (Optional) Subtype for Slow Protocols, a comma-separated list of subtype ranges in decimal format or hexadecimal format (e.g. "0×01-0×03"). Subtype 0×01 = LACP, subtype 0×02 = LAMP, subtype 0×03 = Link OAM, subtype 0×04 = ESMC.
  • Expected outcome for test: Expected outcome for all frames in the test: Pass or Drop. The default is Pass.
  • Wait for ready: Time to wait before starting the test. The purpose of inserting a wait is to allow all Test Agents time to come online and acquire good time sync. Min: 1 min. Max: 24 hours. Default: "Don't wait", i.e. zero wait time.

Result metrics

  • Pass/fail for the tested custom Ethertype per destination MAC address
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