Reports on tests and monitorings

In Netrounds you can easily create reports on tests and monitorings, showing a result summary as well as details of the test or monitoring. These reports can be automatically emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly in order to help you gain insight into the health of your network and to point out potential problem nodes. This topic explains all result views and reporting options.

  • Tests view: Simply click the test you want to create a report on.
  • Monitoring view: First make a selection in the Time interval drop-down box to specify the time interval to be covered by the report. The maximum is the last 12 months. Then click the monitoring of interest.
  • Click the Report button (top right) to open the report in a new window.

The controls at the top of the report window are as follows:

  • PDF button: Create a PDF of the report.
  • Print button: Send the report to a printer.
  • Show worst: Here you specify how many of the worst items to show in the report.
  • Group results: Check this box to group the results by test.
  • Show graphs: Check this box to display graphs in the report.

Here is a sample of what the graphs may look like: 

Periodic reporting

For monitorings, you can configure the Netrounds server to send a report periodically at user-specified intervals.


Click the Export button below the main menu to create a zip file with all test results.

  • Each result table for the test or monitoring is exported to an individual comma-separated file (*.csv).
  • For tests whose output consists of an event log, that log is reproduced in a plain-text file (*.txt).
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