Installing and starting a Linux Test Agent Lite

This topic describes how to install and start a Test Agent Lite under Linux.

The first step is to download the Test Agent Lite. This is done in the Test Agents view in the Netrounds user interface.

  • Click the Download button in the top right corner.

  • Download the Test Agent Lite .deb file, and click the file to install it. Note: If you are not running a Debian-based Linux distribution, download the .tar.gz file instead to perform the installation.

Once installed, the Test Agent Lite needs to be registered to your Netrounds cloud account.

  • Open the terminal window and run the command "netrounds-agent --register".

You are prompted for your Netrounds login credentials (email and password). After you have entered these, the Test Agent Lite should be tied to your cloud account through an encrypted and secure connection.

Note: If your user is associated with several Netrounds cloud accounts, you can use the option --domain to specify which account to register the Agent to. Type "netrounds-agent --getdomains" to get a list of the domains you can use.

If you need further help, type "netrounds-agent --help" for a list of available commands.

You should now be able to see the Linux Test Agent Lite in the Test Agents view. In the next screenshot, this is "friman-ThinkPad-T440s".

As you can see, the Test Agent status icon is red at this point, which means it does not have an active connection to the Netrounds cloud account – so far, it is only registered.

The final step is to start the Test Agent:

  • Run the command "netrounds-agent" in your terminal window.

The Test Agent status icon should now turn green, indicating that your Test Agent Lite is ready to use.

Note that a Test Agent Lite always needs a counterpart to be able to run performance and stability tests: either another Test Agent Lite, installed on a separate PC or server, or a Test Agent of a different type. If you need assistance, please contact Netrounds technical support.

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