Release notes, November 21, 2014

New features

  • New and improved Alarm solution - The alarms support in Netrounds has received a major face lift. In this upgrade we add support for different severity levels (critical, major, minor, warning), a completely new alarms dashboard, clearing of alarms, a new alarms settings page, and a possibility to create alarm templates that can easily be selected when configuring the alarm for a monitoring job
  • Netrounds shared templates - We can now share pre-built fully automated templates to customers. This has been requested by many customers and will simplify automation and make it possible for us to easily share best practices. New templates will be shared continuously, so you might not have any right away after the upgrade. "Templates", the ones you create yourself, will be renamed to "My templates", and once you have templates shared from Netrounds, this will be shown as "Netrounds templates". Stay tuned.
  • Default weekly reports - Most of the time users would like to receive weekly SLA reports from started monitorings, so now we introduce this as default. The user can instead choose to not get these reports when starting new monitoring jobs.
  • Pagination on Probes/Agents page - For customers with many probes this will improve loading times for this page.
  • Support for Jumbo frames - Jumbo frames can be configured on a per interface basis. Note: Support for jumbo frames is dependent on the hardware used. The HW Small (previously called G100) does not have support, but all the other HW probes we provide have support for frames up to 9000 bytes.
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