Connecting a preinstalled Test Agent to your network

The Test Agent must establish a secure connection to the Netrounds cloud servers before you can use it. All remote access and administration of your Test Agents are done through the cloud servers once the Test Agents are online.

Connect the interface marked "eth0" on the Test Agent to an Ethernet access port in your network. Make sure there is internet connectivity on this port and, if applicable, that ports needed by the Test Agent are open in firewalls.

Once the Test Agent is powered on, it is configured to request a DHCP address on "eth0". If your network does not offer DHCP addresses, you need to specify a static IP address on the Test Agent. Please refer to the pages Accessing the local console of a Test Agent and Configuring a Test Agent from the local console for instructions on how to access the local administration console to change from DHCP to static address configuration.

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