Release notes, January 23, 2015

New features

The first upgrade of the year contains some really exciting new features.

Sharing of test and monitoring results

It is now possible to share specific live monitoring results to your partners and customers. The results will be shown on the partner/customer Netrounds dashboard. Read more here.

Tagging of Probes/Agents

To simplify grouping and search when you have a large amount of Probes/Agents, we have added a possibility to group probes by using tags. The new tag solutions both simplifies management of Probes/Agents in the Probe/Agent menu, as well as to quickly being able to select relevant Probes/Agents when starting a new test/monitoring. Read more here.

Support for SNMPv3

The main benefit of SNMPv3 is added support for encryption of traps. With this new feature you are now able to select if you want to receive the traps using v2 or v3. Read more here.

New valuable SIP statistics

Voice is one of the most critical and error prone applications, where Netrounds now can given an even better overview of how well your VoIP network performs. We have added counters for blocked calls, and dropped calls. And we also provide a quick overview of trends.

Improved Multi-TCP QoS test

We have added Buffer delay measurements to the Multi-TCP QoS test. In other words, in parallel to the TCP streams that are sent in some of your QoS classes, the test will also calculate the added one-way delay when sending TCP streams compared to when no TCP streams are sent. The report has also been improved. 

Fixed Bugs:

Creating a bridge when running Darkstat sometimes needed a restart

A probe could sometimes need a restart if the Darkstat application was activated using a bridge interface between eth0 and eth1. 

Mis-aligned time zone

In some places in the Netrounds app, the selected time zone was not correct when results were displayed.

Clicking start multiple times sometimes started multiple measurements

It was possible to click start several times quickly, and by that starting multiple measurements. 





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