Using tags to group and manage Test Agents

Tags simplify management of Test Agents in the Test Agents view. Tags provide a means to group Test Agents into categories, so that you can quickly select relevant devices on which to start a new test or monitoring. This feature is particularly helpful if your fleet of Test Agents is large.

In the Test Agents view it is possible to:

  • add a tag to selected Test Agents
  • remove a tag from ("untag") selected Test Agents
  • delete all instances of a tag.

In the search box, in addition to the text search function, you can filter the view on a selected subset of tags.

Adding tags to Test Agents

  • First check the Test Agents that you want to tag.

 Click the Tags button.

  • Then type the name of the tag in the text box (see screenshot) and click the Tag button. 

The tags will show up as small boxes in the description field.

If you hover over a tag with the mouse, it will expand to display the whole text string of the tag. You can also remove the tag by clicking the red cross that appears on top of it.

It is possible to add several tags to the same Test Agent, as seen in the above screenshots.

Using tags to filter Test Agents

  • Check the Tags checkbox in the search field, and a drop-down list appears holding all defined tags. 

  • Check one or several tags to filter the Test Agents view on these tags. The screenshot below shows the result of filtering on the "Demo" tag.

  • To display the full list again, just uncheck all tag names in the Tags drop-down in the search field.

Filtering on tags can also be applied when you select interfaces during creation of new tests and monitoring groups. Just check the Tags option and select the name of the tag(s) to filter on. See the example below.

Untagging Test Agents

To remove a tag from Test Agents:

  • First check the Test Agents that you want to untag.

 Click the Tags button.

  • Then select the name of the tag to remove ("Lulea" in the example below), and click the Untag button.

  • You are prompted to confirm this action. Click Untag.

The tag is now removed from the selected Test Agents.

You can also untag by hovering over a tag and clicking the red cross:

Deleting a tag

To delete a tag altogether, do as follows:

  • Select at least one Test Agent carrying the tag you want to delete.

 Click the Tags button.

  • Select or type a tag name in the input field.
  • Click the Delete tag button.

Note that all instances of the tag will be removed. Again, you are prompted to confirm your action:

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