Release notes, March 20, 2015

New features

Support for Y.1731

We introduce support for Y.1731 LB (loopback), SLM (Single-ended Loss Measurement) and DM (Dual-ended Delay Measurement). This means that you can send traffic from a Netrounds probe towards a Y.1731 capable device, and have the traffic reflected back to the Netrounds probe, and thus measure delay, loss, delay variation (jitter). Saves plenty of time for basic service turn-up, and troubleshooting!

Y.1731 is a layer-2 protocol, and thus it requires a layer 2 connectivity between the probe and the device you are testing towards. Y.1731 is an ITU-standard, read more here.

For more information about Y.1731, please send an email to

Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

A Netrounds probe can now monitor end-user experience for HTTP Live Streaming services (HLS). Enter an url for the video, and the Netrounds probe will parse the manifest file, and start downloading the video segments. The algorithm will adapt to the current network conditions, and select the max possible quality (bitrate), while avoiding buffer under-runs.

This feature will be made available for customers that subscribe to Netrounds IPTV license.

Support for mobile network measurements

Netrounds can now measure network performance and user experience over mobile networks by using a mobile USB dongle, 

This support is at the moment limited to the European frequency bands and standards for 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), and 4G (LTE). 

Our IP/Mobile probe is the HW-small, with a dongle connected to one of the USB ports.

Please send a mail to for more information.

More collaboration features

You can now also share Probes and automated test templates between you and your partners.

Sharing of Probes is great if you are for example delivering off-net connections, since you do not have to send a probe to the remote location for a service turn-up test. You just ask your partner to connect his/her Netrounds probe at the demarcation point, and to share it to you. A major benefit that shortens the time from order to revenue. The same scenario applies to troubleshooting.

By sharing templates, you can collaborate around test automation, and best practices for automated diagnostics.

Search, tagging, and sorting on dashboard

For all of you that have many measurements on your dashboard, we have now introduced sorting and search features for the dashboard. This to make it possible for you to instantly get the information you need.

Improved test report

The test report has been made redesigned to look nicer, and now also includes a free text field for your own notes.



Overwritten SIP URI:s

We have added support for overwritten URI:s in our SIP tool. This means that the tool will handle the situation when a SIP proxy server changes the original SIP uri during a call.

Bug fixes:

Multi TCP QoS

We have fixed a bug in the Multi TCP QoS test, that sometimes caused unknown errors when trying to start the test.


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