Introduction to mobile network testing (including configuration)

Certain Netrounds Test Agents (currently, Test Agents preinstalled on HW Medium Mobile hardware) can measure network performance and user experience in mobile networks by means of a built-in mobile network interface.

This function is currently limited to European frequency bands and to the LTE (4G), WCDMA (3G), and GSM (2G) 3GPP standards.

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Configuring the mobile network interface on a Test Agent

  • Click Test Agents on the main menu.
  • Click the Test Agent of interest.
  • Click the Test Agent's mobile network interface ("usb0").

In the dialog that appears, the Status tab shows read-only information. You can reset packet counters by clicking the Reset... button.

The Interface tab looks as follows:

  • Management: Check this box if the mobile interface is to be used for Test Agent management. Compare the page on Test Agent interface configuration in general.
  • RAT (mode/band): Here you select what radio access technology (RAT) and frequency band the Test Agent should preferably use. "AUTO" means that the choice of RAT and/or band will be done automatically.
  • APN: Access Point Name for connecting to the mobile network.

The Mobile Status tab, finally, also shows read-only information, including some mobile network measurements (not visible in the screenshot).

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