Introduction to Y.1731 / 802.1ag testing

Netrounds supports the connectivity fault management (CFM) part of ITU-T Recommendation Y.1731, i.e. LB (Loopback), DM (Single-ended Delay Measurement), and SLM (Single-ended Synthetic Loss Measurement). These measurements are part of the Y.1731 OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet-based networks.

Y.1731 defines a Layer 2 protocol, and therefore it requires Layer 2 connectivity between the Netrounds Test Agent and the device you are testing towards. You can then send traffic from the Test Agent towards a Y.1731-capable device and have the traffic reflected back to the Test Agent, which measures delay, loss, and delay variation (jitter) or a subset thereof (depending on the the CFM function).

Terminology and definitions used in this section of the documentation:

  • ME: Maintenance Entity
  • MEG: ME Group
  • MEL: MEG Level
  • MEP: MEG End Point
  • MIP: MEG Intermediate Point

MEG level

MEG levels range from 0 to 7.

In the case where MEGs are nested, the OAM flow of each MEG has to be clearly identifiable and separable from the OAM flows of the other MEGs. In cases where the OAM flows are not distinguishable by the ETH layer encapsulation itself, the MEG level in the OAM frame distinguishes between the OAM flows of nested MEGs.

Eight MEG levels are available to accommodate different network deployment scenarios.

When customer, provider, and operator data path flows are not distinguishable based on the ETH layer encapsulations, the eight MEG levels can be shared amongst them to distinguish between OAM frames belonging to nested MEGs of customers, providers, and operators. The default MEG level assignment amongst the customer, provider, and operator roles is:

  • Operator role: 0 ... 2
  • Provider role: 3 ... 4
  • Customer role: 5 ... 7

RFC 2544 and Y.1564

In the Netrounds test sequence builder you can create RFC 2544 and Y.1564 tests, where the Netrounds Test Agent will generate Y.1731 traffic using specified traffic patterns which will be reflected by the Y.1731-capable equipment.

Test Agent capabilities

Preinstalled Test Agents (installed on hardware by Netrounds) support from 100 to 10,000 concurrent streams in Y.1731 testing, depending on the hardware used.

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