Sharing Test Agents

You can share a Test Agent with partners or business associates. The Test Agent will be available for use in tests and monitoring in the accounts you share it to.

The Darkstat and packet capture functions are disabled on shared Test Agents, and changing interface configurations is not possible.

Test Agents Lite cannot be shared.

How to share a Test Agent

  • Navigate to Test Agents in the main menu.
  • In the Share column, click the icon for the Test Agent you want to share.

  • In the dialog that appears, enter the account to share the Test Agent to and how many streams you want to assign to the shared Test Agent.
  • Click the Share agent button.


You will be notified as to whether the sharing was successful or not.

The icon in the Share column changes to the symbol seen below:

On the License info tab you can see how many streams are used (not only shared streams) and how many streams are available.

  • Repeat the above procedure if you want to share more Test Agents, or share the same Test Agent to multiple accounts.

Accepting a shared Test Agent

When a Test Agent is shared to an account, users of that account are notified by a banner at the top of the Netrounds web page:

  • Click the banner and choose whether to accept or reject the shared Test Agent:

If you accept the share, the Test Agent will be accessible in the Test Agents view in the section Shared with me

Clicking the share icon displays sharing information:


Removing a shared Test Agent

Both sharer and sharee can remove a share.

  • The sharer clicks the red cross to the right of a Test Agent to unshare it, as shown in this screenshot:

  • The sharee clicks the Remove share button:

In both cases, a confirmation dialog appears:

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