Adding and configuring Y.1731 MEPs

The configuration of ITU-T Y.1731 MEPs (Maintenance End Points) is done under Account > Y.1731. Here you define the MEPs that are available in your network and their corresponding MAC addresses. Y.1731 testing requires at least one MEP to send streams towards from the Netrounds Test Agent.

The MEPs defined here are used as test points in Y.1731 tests and monitorings. See the page on Y.1731 measurements.

To manually set up a new Y.1731 MEP, click the Add button.

This dialog appears:

  • Name: The name of the Y.1731 MEP.
  • MAC: The MAC address of the Y.1731 MEP.
  • MEG Level: The MEG (Maintenance Entity Group) level of the Y.1731 MEP.

Finish by clicking the Save button.

Uploading a Y.1731 MEP list as a CSV file

Alternatively, instead of entering MEPs manually in the user interface, you can upload a list of MEPs as a comma-separated file (*.csv).

This file must have one MEP per line, defined according to the following syntax:

name, mac, meg_level

MEP names cannot contain commas (,).

Please make sure that the file is encoded in UTF-8 format if it contains international characters. The encoding can be specified in the text editor settings.

Note: Uploading a Y.1731 MEP list will overwrite all existing Y.1731 MEPs. Items that are not included in the new uploaded list will be removed, which will cause all current and historical measurement data related to those Y.1731 MEPs to be deleted.

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