Release notes, August 27, 2015

New features

Copying and cloning tests and test templates

It is now possible to copy/clone tests and test templates, making it possible to build automated test sequences much rapidly than before.

Tagging and searching test templates

It is now possible to tag automated test templates, and to search based on keywords. This simplifies for customers that use test automation extensively to enhance quality, saving lots of time.

This is an addition to the tagging that is already possible in other parts of Netrounds.

Temporarily skipping tests in an automated test sequence

It is possible to temporarily skip one or several tests within a test template. Makes it easy to rerun only selected tests in a test sequence, instead of always running through all tests. 


Multi-select controls

Multi-select controls have been introduced, making it possible to trigger actions on multiple items at the same time, such as adding a tag, stopping monitoring jobs, etc. Simplifies mainly for large installations of Netrounds.

Min number of MAC addresses test

It is now possible to check that both the min number of MAC addresses is allowed from an end customer port, as well as that it is not possible to use more than a configured max number of MAC addresses. 

Subtype for Ethertype transparency

It is now possible to define a subtype in the Ethertype transparency test. This is relevant for Metro Ethernet Forum Layer 2 Control Protocol tests, where Ethertype 0x8809 defines different protocols depending on subtype. 

Subtype 01 = LACP, subtype 02 = LAMP, subtype 03 = Link OAM, subtype 04 = ESMC.

Operators might want to treat these control protocols differently (some passed through the network, some blocked), and therefore the support for testing different subtypes are required.

Bug fixes

Adding VLANs sometimes caused problems

Unknown error in QoS profiling test

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