Release notes, October 29, 2015

New features

Start full mesh monitorings

It is now possible to start a full mesh network monitoring, where each stream from each probe is sent to all other selected probes. Previously there was only support for point-to-point and hub-and-spoke setups.

Create templates for monitorings

Up until now it has only been possible to create templates for tests. This appreciated feature has now been extended to monitorings. The benefit is that you only need to build the monitoring once and can expose selected inputs, which makes it very easy to start many times thereafter.


NTP Time-synchronization

The overload tests, and especially "QoS profiling" can sometimes cause the time synchronization to drift, especially if several tests are run in a sequence.

We have made two improvements:

1) We do not consider and use the time sync NTP packets during the load test. We have seen that it is better not to use them during a short test, than to try to sync the clock with that information, since they arrive in scattered intervals.

2) We have included a "wait for time sync" option before the test is started. This is a general setting that can always be used for all types of tests. 

In essence, Netrounds will not start the test until 1) All involved Probes/Agents are online, and 2) All involved Probes/Agents have the required time synchronization.

The benefit is that even if the clock becomes temporarily unstable, the test will just wait a few seconds until everything is fine, and then start automatically.

DNS tool extensions

The DNS tool can now handle all relevant records, not just A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, as before. It is also more flexible to configure what reply from the DNS server that is deemed ok or not ok.

Moreover, it is possible to match the reply for a certain string.

These improvements have been requested by some major operators.

Over The Top (OTT) video monitoring - information in error log

If a request for a segment does not work, the error code information (e.g. 404) will be printed to an error log, so that troubleshooting becomes easier.

Possible to select password for "register-only" users

Instead of having to use a pre-defined password generated by Netrounds, it is now possible to define your own. 

Possible for the user to define PID/PAT receiving interval

According to standard requirements PAT information have to be received two times per second, and PID every five seconds. These were hard coded limits in Netrounds until now, where this threshold has been made configurable by the user.

Filter probes that are online/offline/in use/free

It is now possible to filter probes/agents depending on if they are online/offline/in use/free to simplify searching and selections especially for customers with a large number of probes.

Virtual Test Agent for NFV

Our image for deployment in virtual environments for end-user experience activation tests and assurance monitoring has been updated to a new version.

Fixed bugs

Made it possible to change name on probe/agent for register-only-user

It was not possible to change the name of a probe/agent. This is now fixed.

Performance issues for large templates

The code has been improved for faster response times when using large templates for extensive test automation with 30+ steps.



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