Resetting a Test Agent to its default configuration

This page describes how to revert the Test Agent configuration to the factory default, i.e. perform a software reset. As the Test Agents do not have a hardware button for factory reset, you need to do the reset according to this step-by-step guide. 

All steps are done via the local console unless otherwise indicated. The fine points of navigating the local console are covered here.

Resetting the interface configuration

  • In the text-based menu, navigate to Configure management.
  • Select eth0 as management interface and AUTO for interface speed.
  • Select No when asked whether to use VLAN.
  • Select DHCP as address type.
  • Use the default NTP server setting,
  • Finally, confirm the settings for the management port.

All interfaces are now reset to the factory default, with management on eth0 using DHCP.

Resetting the NTP server

  • To reset the NTP server to the Netrounds default, you have to factory reset the interface configuration. Follow the instructions above.
  • Alternatively, you can do this from the Web user interface. In the Test Agents view, click the relevant Test Agent and navigate to the NTP tab of its configuration dialog. Click Restore defaults.

Restoring the login server and the HTTP proxy

  • Navigate to Change login server.
  • Under Server, enter "". Under Port, enter 443.
  • Select No when asked whether to use a standard HTTP proxy.
  • Finally, confirm your settings.
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