Configuring management over a mobile interface on a Test Agent

This page describes configuring Test Agent management over a mobile interface. This is different from configuring management over an Ethernet interface, described on this page.

Note: Management over a mobile interface is available only for preinstalled Test Agents built on HW Medium hardware and equipped with an LTE chip ("HW Medium Mobile"). See this page.

  • In the text-based menu, navigate to Configure management.

  • Select which interface should handle management traffic to and from the server (here, "usb0"). Configuration of the other interfaces is done via the Netrounds server; see Test Agent interface configuration.

  • Enter the APN (Access Point Name) for the mobile subscription you are using.

  • Select the RAT (Radio Access Technology) to be used over the radio interface.

  • The NTP server setting follows. You can use either the default NTP server,, or a local one (specified as an IP address or host name).

  • Finally, confirm all settings for the management port.


  • To check the configuration, navigate to Show interface status.

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