Registering a Test Agent from the local console

This page describes the process for registering a Test Agent. The description is applicable to all user-installed Test Agents, i.e. ones installed from an ISO or a USB image, as well as virtual Test Agents (vTAs).

Note that vTAs also support initialization via cloud-init; see the document "How to get started with Virtual Test Agents (vTAs) in OpenStack", available here.

Registration process

  • Use the text-based menu and navigate to Register.

  • Under Server, you should normally use the default, that is, the URL of the Netrounds cloud server: However, if you want to register via another Test Agent used as proxy, you need to point to the static IP address of the proxy Test Agent instead. 
  • Under E-mail, enter the email address that serves as user name for your Netrounds account.
  • Under Probe name, enter a name for the Test Agent. This name is what will be shown in the Test Agents view.


  • Enter the password for your Netrounds account.

  • Select the domain (i.e. your Netrounds account). If you are a member of several accounts, all of these will be shown in a list.

The message "Registration successful" should now appear. The Test Agent will then be visible in the Test Agents view for your Netrounds account:<your_account_name>/genalyzer/. 

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