Release notes, June 20, 2016

Netrounds software version: 2.17.0

New features

Revamped user interface

The Netrounds graphical user interface has been given a major overhaul, making it even more powerful and easy to use. Some highlights:

  • The menu bar on top has been replaced by a sidebar on the left, which is collapsible.
  • You can create a new test or monitoring by clicking a plus-sign button on the sidebar.
  • The user interface adapts to the screen or window width to make the best use of the available space.
  • The general visual appearance has been tweaked in various ways (color scheme, font sizes, etc.).

Favorites in test/monitoring builder

On the views where you build and start your tests and monitorings, a "Favorites" menu will be shown if you have marked any of your templates as a favorite (done by clicking the template's star icon under "My Templates").

The Favorites menu gives you quicker access to the test building blocks that you use most frequently.

TWAMP control protocol support

Netrounds previously supported the TWAMP Light version of the TWAMP protocol (IETF RFC 5357), designed for measurement of two-way packet loss and delay. TWAMP Light does not require the TWAMP control protocol, which performs a handshake between initiator and reflector. Netrounds now adds support for "full-fledged" TWAMP including the control protocol. In configuring the reflectors to be used in your tests, you specify the TWAMP control port to engage on each reflector. You can still run TWAMP Light if you like; this is done by not specifying a control port.

Config-drive support in virtual Test Agents

The virtual Test Agent for virtual NFV environments has been updated to support mounting a configuration drive to retrieve user-data. This is an alternative to requesting user-data using HTTP Get (the AWS EC2 method).

It is now also possible to set a static IP address using cloud-init as a complement to DHCP. Further, support has been included for setting an NTP server and for connecting via an HTTP proxy.


Improved security tests

Security tests have been improved so that they can be run also when the ISP is on a different IP network, that is, behind a Layer 3 hop. This will be the case if each customer is on a separate VLAN (i.e. has a separate Layer 2 connection).

L2 transparency – IPv6: Expected outcome per protocol

In the "L2 transparency – IPv6" test, the expected outcome (Pass/Drop) can now be specified for each protocol tested, just as in the "L2 transparency – Multicast" test.

L2 transparency – IPv6: Support for MLDv2

Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) version 2 is now supported in the "L2 transparency – IPv6" test.

Configurable VLAN priority for TWAMP

VLAN priority, that is, the Priority Code Point (PCP) to be used in the VLAN header, has been made user-configurable for TWAMP tests (just as for stream-based tests). There is no PCP/DSCP marking for control traffic, however.

IPv4/IPv6 filters for mobile interfaces

When selecting a mobile interface in the Mobile switcher, new filtering checkboxes appear for IPv4 and IPv6. By default both of these are checked.

Improved API documentation

The Netrounds API documentation has been reworked and considerably extended, with many examples added to facilitate practical use of the API.

Bug fixes

TCP sender overload warning

For TCP, a sender overload warning was given when the send buffer filled up, although this can happen not only because of CPU overload but also because of TCP throttling (rate control). In the latter case, the warning was misleading. – This warning has been removed, since Netrounds cannot distinguish the two scenarios described and identify cases of actual overload.

L2 transparency – Multicast: Frame padding caused test to fail

The frame integrity check in the "L2 transparency – multicast" test failed due to extra padding (zeros) being inserted in the frames on the receiver side.

Removed features

Recurly support removed

The support for credit card payment through Recurly has been removed from the Netrounds web application. Under Account, the screens SubscriptionShipping addressBilling information, and Purchase history have therefore been removed.

Regarding payment options, please contact Netrounds Sales at

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